Major Error in TMEP Appendix B2 Seismic Risk

Major Error in Trans Mountain’s Seismic Risk Update Statement Appendix B2 TMEP Burnaby Terminal Risk Assessment, dated Feb 2017.

Kinder Morgan Canada’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Hugh Harden, P.Eng. and Trans Mountain’s Appendix B2 Consultants Genesis’ claim that Appendix B2 includes the Seismic Risk analysis of both NEW and EXISTING Oil Storage Tanks. As stated in next Menu Tab “Contacting Kinder Morgan – Kinder Morgan Management Handling Structural Concerns”, Kinder Morgan’s Structural Engineer followed Trans Mountain’s Company Policy to ignore all existing facilities (oil storage tanks) for the seismic design of the TMEP Expanded Burnaby Terminal – along with ignoring the possible serious seismic risk of the Existing Terminal, the Sloshing Failure Mode for EFR Tanks, possible welding, floating roof and foundation issues for the existing tanks.

There is clear evidence that Trans Mountain’s Appendix B2 seismic risk data has been deliberately manipulated to report a high level of safety against seismic risk by ignoring the seismic risks of all existing storage tanks, ignoring the lower capacity EFR Tank failure mode under sloshing and by defining the new IFR Tank failure as the buckling of the tank wall plus fracturing of the tank wall to release tank contents. For the New IFR Tank walls to ever fail and release tank contents, all of the existing tanks would have already failed, released contents and likely be on fire. The only other explanation of a New Tank failure would be faulty welds or faulty steel plate missed in inspections of TMEP Expansion work.

Mr. Hugh Harden’s claim Appendix B2 Seismic Risk Assessment includes 9 – 1953 Tanks & 3 – 1988 Tanks is definitely FALSE. Trans Mountain’s Section 11 Hazard Consequence Assessment Results, Section 13 Individual Risk Results plus the Envelop Contours only apply if all the Burnaby Terminal Storage Tanks were NEW IFR Tanks designed for 2015 NBC Seismic Load Requirements, using Trans Mountain’s definition of Tank Failure.

The Appendix B2 Seismic Risk analysis isn’t valid for another reason – the probability that the 1953 EFR Tanks will fail by sloshing in a lower magnitude earthquake than the 2015 NBC Code Level Earthquake.

Because Burnaby Terminal is located in a residential area close to schools and Simon Fraser University, etc., failure of the Existing 1953 Tanks in a Code Level Earthquake would be a serious risk to Life-Safety of thousands of people around the Terminal, at Simon Fraser University and UniverCity. Kinder Morgan Canada’s Structural Engineer must review and assess the Existing Burnaby Terminal Tanks before considering to design an expansion of the Terminal.